Gig-Speed Business Internet

SHELD is proud to power FiberSonic: homegrown gig-speed internet provider for South Hadley businesses.

All-Fiber Business Internet Service

The new FiberSonic commercial internet service will make sharing files and connecting with customers faster and more reliable than ever before. This new business internet service powered by SHELD brings gig-speed productivity to businesses in South Hadley, no matter how large or small.

If you are interested in having FiberSonic be your business’s internet service provider, call the SHELD office at 536-1050 and ask for Sean Fitzgerald, General Manager - or submit a service application online here.

  • Gig Speed

    For video conferencing or sharing files, nothing out-performs the speed of all-fiber business internet service.

  • Symmetrical Up & Down

    FiberSonic delivers the same max bandwidth for both uploads and downloads.

  • Consistently Reliable

    Fiber internet service doesn't face electrical interference and does not have to share bandwidth with TV.

A Business Internet Provider Dedicated to South Hadley

FiberSonic is business internet service powered by SHELD: we have a long-standing commitment to serving the town of South Hadley.

With expert installation and 24/7 support, we will get you up and running at gig speed — and keep you connected. We can even help you devise a Wifi solution specific to your location and needs.

Background Info on All-Fiber Internet Service

We first began our involvement with establishing fiber optic internet service to the area in 2006, as a partner with the Five College Network, responsible for installation of the fiber network that serves nearby colleges. SHELD has also partnered with the primary state authority (the Mass Broadband Institute) involved with providing high-speed internet access for towns like South Hadley across the commonwealth. These long-standing partnerships have helped us gain the technical expertise necessary to install, operate, and support commercial fiber internet service.

South Hadley is already benefiting from SHELD's installation of the fiber network through efficiencies gained by town facilities currently getting internet service the network, including the majority of municipal entities, public schools, and the majority of town departments. The vast majority of physical and personnel assets necessary to fulfill the role of internet service provider are already in place at SHELD and will not need to be duplicated. This will help us keep pricing highly competitive for South Hadley businesses.

Because this all-fiber internet service is a new offering to area businesses, the decision was made to distinguish the brand name of the service (FiberSonic) from SHELD's commercial electric offerings. This is intended to prevent confusion, because the decision whether or not to adopt the service has no effect on a business's electric service.

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