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PV Interconnection Requirements; For customer-owned power generation, such as solar panels.
PV System Metering Policy; For customer-owned power generation, such as solar panels.
SHELD participating in New MLP Solar Incentive Program

Program Info
  • Residential Solar Only
  • Max. System Size 10 kW
  • Max. 20% Shading
  • Must Face Between 150 and 270 degrees
  • Rebate = $1.20 per watt up to 50% of Installed Cost

Application Process:

  1. Complete the PV INTERCONNECTION REQUIREMENTS available online at https://www.sheld.org/uploads/PV%20Interconnection%20Requirements.pdf and pay the initial $100.00 application fee.
  2. Upon approval of your application by SHELD, you will receive SHELD APPROVAL TO CONSTRUCT via email.
  3. Upload to www.MMWEC.org the PV INTERCONNECTION REQUIREMENTS showing SHELD approval and complete the online MLP SOLAR GRANT APPLICATION.
  4. MMWEC will review your Grant Application to be sure it meets the program requirements and will forward the application to Mass DOER for final approval.
  5. Once your Grant Application is approved by both MMWEC and Mass DOER, you will receive a GRANT APPROVAL letter indicating grant funding has been reserved for your project. This funding will not be released to you until installation and activation of your solar project is complete.
  6. GRANT FUNDS will be issued to the applicant upon final completion, interconnection, and activation of your solar project. The APPROVAL TO OPERATE issued by SHELD will provide confirmation that the project is complete and operational. This CERTIFICATE should be submitted to MMWEC to request release of your GRANT FUNDS.

https://www.munihelps.org/mlpsolar/ which is administered by MMWEC.
MLP solar rebate flyer

Electric Vehicle Incentives

If you are considering a Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf zero-emissions electric vehicle, SHELD can connect you to incentives to greatly reduce your costs. There are a lot of details, so it's important that you read the documents carefully, but you could save more than $10,000 off the vehicle MSRP!

In addition to incentives towards the vehicles themselves, you may also qualify for a free home charging station www.munihelps.org, a value of roughly $600.

SHELD Bolt Flyer Update July 2019 (PDF)
SHELD Charger Flyer (PDF)
EV Charging 101 (PDF)
South Hadley Leaf Plus July 1-Sept 30 (PDF)
South Hadley Leaf July 1-Sept 30 (PDF)

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