Commercial Rebates

SHELD can help your business save money: now and in the future!

We are invested in your future

SHELD's commercial rebate / incentive program makes it easier for your business to reduce its energy-related operating costs. In partnership with the GO Program, administered by Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company (MMWEC), our rebates reduce your initial investment in efficiency measures — improvements that pay you back with energy savings over time.

Three rebate programs

Commercial customers in our service area can apply for three different types of rebates / incentives:

• Upgrading to more efficient lighting
• New equipment installation due to new construction/major renovation, retrofit of existing equipment, or replacing failed systems
• HVAC improvements using Energy Star®-rated appliances

Our experts are familiar with all the steps of the application process, equipment and project eligibility, and more: call 1-877-259-3015 to learn more.

About the GO Program

If you wish to learn more about the different GO Programs that SHELD is participating in, you can download related documents here (PDF format).

You may also find it helpful to review MMWEC's overview of the GO Program, and their descriptions of SHELD's program participation.

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