Security Deposits

All commercial and industrial accounts must give surety for service. If you have an outstanding balance from another SHELD account, you must make arrangements to pay that balance before new service is started. Please see SHELD''s terms and conditions for electric service (PDF) for additional information.

Stopping or Suspending Service

You can make arrangements to stop service or close your account over the phone; temporary suspension of service does require a written request. You can also stop service or close your account in person at our office during business hours.

Close Account Due to Sale of Building

Please give us at least three business days in advance of the sale closing, either in person or over the phone, so that we can create a final bill. Please note that the billing for the meter(s) will remain in your name until a written notice to terminate is received by our office.

Construction / Expansion / Relocating Meter

If you are building a new facility or significantly expanding an existing one, please contact us so we can have one of our engineers review your plans and work with you during the construction phase.

If you need to move your electric meter to a different location to complete your plans, call our office and SHELD will unlock the electric meter so that your electrician can relocate it. New meter locations require SHELD approval: download and review our Information and Requirements for Electric Service booklet (PDF) to learn more.


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