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Annual Reports

Because South Hadley's residents own SHELD, we want you
to stay informed about progress.

The annual reports linked below describe different aspects of SHELD’s operations and finances. SHELD welcomes your involvement as we continue to seek the best ways to energize our community.

Financial Reports

These reports detail the financial operations of the department.

2015 Financial Statements
2016 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements
2018 Financial Statements
2019 Financial Statements
2020 Financial Statements
2021 Financial Statements

Department of Public Utilities Reports

These reports document various service-related SHELD operations to the state’s Department of Public Utilities.

2015 Annual Return
2016 Annual Return
2017 Annual Return
2018 Annual Return
2019 Annual Return
2020 Annual Return
2021 Annual Return

Annual Reports

This report documents how we responded to the year’s challenges, the strengths we relied on, and the trajectory we maintain as we look toward the future.

2020 Annual Report
2021 Annual Report

Special Reports

Fuel Mix and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of MLPs in Mass - July 2019
SHELD 2022 Pathway to Net Zero

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