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Prescriptive Lighting Incentive Program

Incentives for premium efficiency lighting equipment for businesses.

The GO Program Prescriptive Lighting Incentive Program is designed to expedite the processing and installation of typical lighting energy efficiency opportunities in commercial, industrial and non-residential buildings. Incentives are offered to promote the installation of premium efficiency lighting equipment and offset the incremental cost of such equipment over standard replacements.

4 Easy Steps to receive your GO Incentive:

1. Is your project eligible?
  • Equipment must be new and installed in a non-residential building located in a participating Massachusetts Municipal Utility Territory.
  • Installation completed, or to be completed, within current program year of January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Applications must be received within the current program year to qualify for incentives.
2. Is the equipment you intend to buy eligible?
  • Only the exact product types and minimum efficiency levels listed in this form are eligible for prescriptive incentives.
3. Complete and sign the application below.
  • Incomplete applications will delay review and payment. Please be sure to provide all requested information.
4. Pre-Approval is required for all projects:
  • Before you purchase and install the equipment, send the following to the GO Program in order to receive a “pre-approved incentive” letter:
    1. Your application with all requested information filled in.
    2. Manufacturer’s technical specification sheets (“cut sheets”) for each type of eligible equipment purchased.
    3. A copy of your most recent electric bill.
  • After you have purchased and installed the qualified equipment, return the following to the GO Program:
    1. A signed copy of your “pre-approval incentive” letter.
    2. A copy of your invoice showing the date and place of purchase and model/part numbers of the equipment installed.

Please note: In order to receive an incentive from the GO Program, invoices and manufacturer’s technical data sheets (“cut sheets”) will always be required.

You may need the following reference tables to fill out the form below:

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