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Dig Safe: Call 811

Even small digging projects like fence posts or shrubbery
should check in advance.

There’s Electricity Underground

We see the wires on utility poles everywhere we go, every day. But what most folks don’t realize is how many wires there are running under our roads, sidewalks, and — literally — our own backyards.

Dig Safe is a free service that helps keep residents safe by preventing contact with underground power lines. It’s as easy to access as dialing 8-1-1.

Call that simple number before you begin any project that involves digging to find out if there’s any underground areas to avoid beneath your property. You can learn more at the Dig Safe website.

When you inform Dig Safe of your plans, they will notify participating utilities to mark the location of any underground lines. It might seem like one extra step in your project, but it can be a life saver!

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