Electric Safety Lessons for Mosier and Plains Students

SHELD sponsors electricity safety programs for elementary schools that are fun & informative.

Electric Safety Lessons for Mosier and Plains Students

October 16, 2017

Bringing electrical safety lessons to our schools

Recently, students at the Plains and Mosier elementary schools had the chance to learn some valuable lessons about the dangers of electricity. SHELD has been sponsoring this program for twenty years, providing age-appropriate materials and lessons for students from Pre-K to Fifth Grade.

Students learn about staying safe around electricity, and to recognize potential electric hazards and how to avoid or prevent them.

From coloring books to quizzes, children get engaged with the topic and also learn fundamental lessons of electricity that they can apply to science classes in the future.

SHELD sponsors the electricity safety program every Fall; in the Spring SHELD sponsors a bike safety program that also serves both Plains and Mosier schools.

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