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Have you been contacted by a third-party power company?

Power companies not eligible under Massachusetts law to serve South Hadley have been calling residents.

Recently, SHELD customers have reported being contacted by third party electric supply companies with solicitations to switch their electric supplier. These calls are not necessarily a scam; however they can be confusing.

Many times the companies calling do not realize they are calling customers who reside in a Municipal Light Department service territory. Mass General Laws prohibit third party suppliers from reselling electricity to customers who live in a Municipal Light Department service territory like South Hadley. Such solicitation practices are acceptable in Investor-Owned electric service territories.

If such a company contacts you, SHELD recommends that you inform them you are a customer in a Municipal Light Department Territory and therefore not eligible for their service solicitations.

SHELD continues to provide the best service at some of the lowest rates in the state and region. Please call us at 536-1050 should you have any questions, or review our rates as compared to investor-owned utilities.

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